XC25 Air Conditioner

The most precise and efficient air conditioner you can buy*

Thanks to Precise Comfort® technology that allows the XC25 to change its output in increments as small as 1%, your home can be cooled to perfection, with exactly the right amount of energy used every time. No other air conditioner can even come close.


XC21 Air Conditioner

The quietest and most efficient two-stage central air conditioner you can buy*

Discover absolute home comfort with the XC21, engineered for quiet and highly efficient operation. Exclusive SilentComfort™ technology works to maintain a more consistent temperature throughout your home, while helping to keep energy costs under control.


SL18XC1 Air Conditioner

The quietest and most efficient single-stage air conditioner you can buy*

Feel perfectly at ease relaxing at home with the SL18XC1. Exclusive SilentComfort™ technology offers quiet and efficient cooling all season long, minimizing energy usage to help you save on utility bills.


XC20 Air Conditioner

High-efficiency air conditioner with true variable capacity

The XC20 offers true variable capacity, adjusting cooling output in many small increments to make you feel perfectly comfortable, while minimizing your energy costs.


XC16 Air Conditioner

High-efficiency, multi-stage cooling

Two-stage technology optimizes performance compared to conventional single-stage systems, resulting in more even temperatures and lower utility bills. High-quality components assure a high level of reliability, even under the harshest outdoor conditions.


EL16XC1 Air Conditioner

High-efficiency air conditioner

Built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, the EL16XC1 is ruggedly dependable, even during the hottest summers. A smart design and high-quality components deliver reliable performance and energy savings, year after year.


XC14 Air Conditioner

Efficient, quiet-performing air conditioner

It's easy to feel good at home with the XC14, designed for total comfort inside and quiet performance outside. A precision-engineered scroll compressor ensures efficient operation, helping you save money on your monthly utility bills.


XC13 Air Conditioner

Reliable and efficient air conditioner

Designed to deliver more comfort for your energy dollar, the XC13 operates efficiently even on the hottest summer days. At the heart of a system is a scroll compressor, which assures smooth and reliable operation.


ML14XC1 Air Conditioner

Efficient, durable air conditioner

Ruggedly dependable, the ML14XC1 is built to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. Designed to be durable and energy smart, the ML14XC1 delivers years of energy-efficient, trouble-free performance.


The ML14XC1 is a new air-conditioning product that’s available in select parts of California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona. If you live elsewhere in the U.S. or in Canada, ask your Lennox Dealer about the 14ACX, which is also engineered for lasting reliability and efficiency.


14ACX Air Conditioner

Efficient, economical air conditioner

The temperature always feels just right inside with the budget-friendly 14ACX. Precision-engineered with quality components, this air conditioner allows you to enjoy exceptional comfort, without the worry of high utility bills.


13ACX Air Conditioner

Affordable, efficient cooling

Even in the hottest summer months, the 13ACX works efficiently to enhance your comfort. Compared to an older system, this air conditioner can help you save significantly on your monthly cooling bills.